The Prodigal Daughter returns

I am home, back to my roots and the Fargo stomping ground. It is exciting to be back and to surround myself with fantastic friends and family. I have truly missed all of you phenomenal people. YAGM marketed itself as IMG_5638a “transformative experience”; it most certainly has been. My year in England has been challenging, beautiful,
lonely, inspired and completely life changing to say the least. I dont think I truly grasped how much I changed until I returned to the loving arms of my family.

As I reflect, I realize I did an exceptionally poor job of communicating my experience with all of you. Even now, being home and in the presence of family and friends. I find it difficult to communicate my experience in a way that encompasses what this year has been for me. My pictures only speak to where I was and what I saw. Unfortunately, if you follow my Facebook, my year looks a little like I frolicked my way across the UK and parts of Europe hanging out with new friends and exploring pubs and countrysides. I did in fact enjoy building new beautiful relationships with folks that will be lifelong friends and I most definitely enjoyed local beers and lost myself in adventure of new experiences.¬†However, the moments that I feel depict my year more accurately cant be found in my Facebook album but in my own witness to God’s grace. Stories of God moments that rocked me and shook me to the core.

I feel as though not only do I owe it to all of you to share these experiences properly but now I can do it in a place of reflection and growth.